Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm certainty I hate her

The illiterate fuckwit who sits next to me at work said "certainty" instead of "certainly" yesterday. She tries to be sophisticated at times by speaking in a faux bogan posh accent and saying words that are more than two syllables. She is the antithesis of who I want to be - umotivated, dependent, a follower, no mind of her own, insecure, suburbanite, obese, ugly. Her ass is so fat it takes up half the corridor. She waddles like Grimace and has kankles. All her life she was brainwashed to believe her goal in life is to marry a boy from the same culture. She found a not-so-great guy to marry at a young age and have a (ugly) kid with him because he wanted one. Looking at her, thinking about her, makes me want to vomit.

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echez said...

I dont talk about my coworkers anymore...I had one of those, and she went and killed herself...I dont think that puts me on the good side of karma.