Monday, May 7, 2007

Yum yum yum

My journey into becoming a hard core foodie (or, how I'm now the fattest I've ever been) started about a year and a half ago. Sick of supermarket bread, I went on my first foodie's expidition to find the best bakery bread on my side of town. After months of carbo loading, I settled on Filou's chewy and tasty wholemeal loaves. It tasted like the homemade bread my mum used to make with her bread making machine. The smell of bread baking to the time that you wake up is a better alarm than the annoying beep of my Nokia. Every house needs a bread making machine like they need a microwave (although I prefer stove top heating rather than microwaves).

The problem with being a foodie is that now I've tried the best of everything, I can't go back to eating grilled chicken breast salad for dinner every night. I was once a very plain, healthy eater. Fruit, vegetables, tuna and grilled meat was satisfactory. On some occasions I wouldn't even feel the need to eat. I know there are ways to make healthy food interesting. Believe me, I could write my own healthy recipies book. But my brain is now telling me to eat like a glutton at every meal, and to not resist temptation. On Thursday I walk past Let Them Eat Cake and want to buy a cupcake. On Saturday I walk to Filou's to buy a chocolate cherry brioche. On Sunday I go to A1 to buy a cheese pie. I tell myself each time that it's a treat, but how often do I need to have these treats? There should be a way that I can balance my love for food with a healthy lifestyle. Well, I'm running more to compensate for my daily indulgences. Getting fit is actually quite fun because it gives me a goal other than to make the perfect hot cross buns.

I'm extremely spoilt for choice in places to eat in Brunswick. I wonder if I will be as lucky in Toronto. If I can't find anywhere good to eat there, at least I will lose weight.

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