Monday, May 14, 2007

I am the green eyed monster

I have a love/hate relationship with food blogs. On the one hand they give me ideas on where to eat and what to cook. On the other hand the writers make me feel jealous, not because of the food they eat but the company they have to eat with! These bloggers regularly visit new restaurants with their friends and are able to try new recipies to test out on other people. I don't have a regular group of friends whom I visit new restaurants with, and I don't have anyone to cook for. In fact, my friends, knowing how much of a foodie I am, will relay to me their experiences at various restaurants but will not even think of inviting me, normally because there's a girlfriend, boyfriend or date involved. Knowing people like this makes me cherish one of my best friends even more. She will drive at any lengths with me to eat at a particular place. Unfortunately we don't live in the same country anymore so going on adventures like that will only be a fond memory.

I've always been an insanely jealous person. In kindergarden I cried whenever my "boyfriend" of the whole year would talk to another girl. When he tried to apologize I'd just be sulky and ignore him, and one of our mums would have to intervene to make things better between us. Things haven't changed much.

I hate it when I'm left out of information, and I hate it when people don't invite me to things. I wonder why people choose to hang out with me in the first place. Maybe I'm the person who provides light entertainment on occasion but is not a good person to hang around with all the time. I'm the Urkel.

Maybe because food is a relatively new interest of mine that I don't have a foodie group yet. After years of searching for gig buddies, I've finally met a few people I can call on to attend gigs with me. Do I really want to get that deep into becoming a foodie though? I'll probably need two seats on the plane ride to Toronto if that became the case.

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echez said...

I think I'm a foodie have me...=)