Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Dan Count rises

I came across another two Dan's in the past two weeks. Let's see how many I know now.

Dan 1 - My mum's best friend's son. Known him since we were 1 or 2 but we aren't friends.
Dan 2 - Friend who used to work with me. Works in TV.
Dan 3 - Friend's ex-housemate and also used to work with me. Graphic designer.
Dan 4 - I work with him now. Sound engineer.
Dan 5 - Trivia host at Comfy Chair.
Dan 6 - Cute guy at local bottle shop.
Dan 7 - Sings in my friend's boyfriend's band.
Dan 8 - Housemate to Dan 7. Arts student.
Dan 9 - Tanya's best friend. Muso and graphic designer.
Dan 10 - Another muso, rapper to be precise. Organized to interview his band once.
Dan 11 - A drunk guy at a bar.
Dan 12 - I sent an e-mail to a general company e-mail address and a Dan replied. This counts.

I will not give in!

Fuck having to sleep early (before midnight) to get enough rest for the next work day. There are so many things to do and learn in this world, I'm not going to let an eight hour work schedule prevent me from living life at night. I wish there was a pill I could take so I could stay up for 24 hours without any side effects. I resolve sleep whenever I feel like it. Coffee was commercialised for a reason.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We ARE fun

What does "I like to have fun" actually mean? I actually don't like having fun. I like to stay at home on a Saturday night to do soul enriching activities like read, write and watch movies, while everyone else is walking about in skimpy dresses in the cold. Suzie also likes to stay home on Saturdays to draw and read. So maybe we don't like having fun. There are people who like HAVING fun, and there are people who ARE fun. It's a natural state of being. We fall into the second category. You know what, we REFRAIN from going out on Saturday nights because we're sick of getting into fights with attention whores who acuse us of stealing the spotlight from them. We can't help it that we're fun without even trying. HAH. Shove that down your skanky low cut dress.

lemon cupcake
It's a good thing that Suzie likes eating (especially goods of the baked variety), because I enjoy baking. In fact, she only talks to me in the hope that I will bake something again one day. I think when looks at me she pictures my head as a cupcake, with my hair as the frosting. She smells cupcakes the moment I enter a room.

Suzie will be delighted to know that Franz Ferdinand will be releasing a new album early next year. At the gig we are going to wear t-shirts with each other's photos on it (printed on our matching skull t-shirts) so we won't lose each other. OMG, in ten years time we will look back at photos of the band and say "OMG, those red and navy striped t-shirts are SO 2006."

Franz Ferdinand the man
Franz Ferdinand the band

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Junk mail 26/6/07

Loulou came running down the stairs all in a panic, she ran through the living room into the kitchen and straight to the back door.
Usually little help is needed from you, but its wise to stay close to be sure that the mothers lack of experience does not cause any problems. Mating West Highland White Mating West Highland White It is important that your Westie is mated at the right time if she is to conceive. I was advised to only let Loulou eat three placentas? They may well develop swollen breasts and may even produce milk.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Junk mail 25/6/07

So, he turns out to be a bargain basement bionic man.
It turns out that this vagrant is from a long lost line of samurais. My Samurai wont go before the cameras until next year.
The film revolves around a German general's plan to snuff out Adolph Hitler at the height of World War II. "The latest INDIANA JONES production news? Along with the Batmobile we are introducing a new vehicle, the Batpod, a new Batsuit and some classic characters in The Joker and Harvey Dent.
EXCLUSIVE: Gianni Nunnari on Ronin and Scorsese's Silence!
"The Wachowski brothers said to me one day that they were always disturbed that their nieces and nephews could never see their movies.
CONTEST: Win Huge Prizes from License to Wed! They will be appearing alongside Tom Cruise in the project.
An entire line of action play items will allow boys to role-play being The Dark Knight. There is no word on when the film will start shooting.
" Jaylath maintains that Standard DVD still has a bright future and that "digital delivery" is "set for large gains in the coming years.