Monday, May 14, 2007

20 year old girl parties all night long

Why does the media make such a big deal about young famous people who get pissed/take drugs/have different sex partners. Young people do that anyway. At least celebrities have the money to be as wild as they want, have the fame to sleep with whoever they want, and have the clothes to look as fabulous as they can be. Are there many young girls who actually think "oh, Lindsay Lohan takes copious amounts of drugs, maybe I should too." Drinking when you're a teenager is firmly entrenched in the Australian culture. Mischa Barton shouldn't take any credit for that! Do the Gen X/Y alcoholics and drug addicts blame Drew Barrymore for her doped up antics as a nine year old? I wonder how many nine and ten year olds in the 80s experimented with drugs and acohol because Drew did.

The celebrities way of partying is much more glamorous than the suburban equivalent of going to your local pub in your low cut jeans and clevage showing top, spending your week's supermarket wage on drugs and hooking up with Bogan Barry.

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echez said...

I agree, so many people do it, what's the big deal?