Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stupid things Naiberous did today

1. She did not know how to adjust the border width on the binding machine. The ruler and indicator on the machine is so self explanatory that a blind downs syndrome person could use it without instruction.

2. She asked my friend how to record messages on the phone, despite the easy to follow, step by step instructions that someone who speaks English as a fourth language could understand.

3. She printed something and said it was only printing odd numbers. Then my friend pointed out that it printed double sided. She did not know how to change the print settings. I don't understand how she could have been in an office job before.

4. She worried too much about how to use a supplier's website that is so user friendly even my grandma (who hasn't touched a keyboard in her life and can't read English) could use it . She spent half an hour asking everyone how we could improve the website (because the supplier asked us for feedback), but it wasn't worth our time to even investigate it because we hardly use their website.

5. She baby talked on the phone to her year old daughter three times today. It's enough to make me turn emo.

Listening to: Tidy Kid - Frozen Flower Pot

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