Monday, January 8, 2007

Asian fetish creep

This is the man who goes to my local internet café nearly every evening. Because he always sits next to the window, I can see what he’s doing on the computer whenever I walk past. He, without fail, is webcam chatting with hot, twenty something Asian girls. He will firstly browse Asian internet dating sites and then picks the ones he will chat with for the night. He will have multiple webcam chat windows open, and people walking past have a full view of the girls he’s talking to. They look like they are from Asia and not a Western country (I can tell the difference between Asians from Asia and Asians from Western countries). He will have a few typing chat windows open too. The girls do the typical Asian chat thing and use animations in their chat dialogue. I wonder what they talk about. He looks like he’s over forty. Do they talk about the fiscal policy of Taiwan or the latest Nicholas Tse album and Hello Kitty toys?

He makes me sick because he obviously has a family. Wouldn’t anyone rather use the internet at home than in public, especially to chat with young girls. He probably lives far away from this internet café, so he won’t bump into anyone he knows.

Check out this creep at the internet café on Sydney Rd in Brunswick. It’s near the corner of Edward St, in between a Chiropractor and the Tom Phat restaurant, opposite the Cornish Arms.

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