Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stupid people vs Animals

Barnyard animals are more valuable to society than stupid people. Barnyard animals and their by products can be eaten. You can't eat stupid people since cannibalism is illegal everywhere except maybe in Papua. Pets are more valuable too. My cat gives me warmth on cold nights and cheers me up when I'm in a bad mood (probably because I've been around stupid people all day). Pets give their owners an abundance of joy. Stupid people don't make me smile and coo. Unless it is a stupid hot guy, but that only lasts for a night and then I get bored. And for the guys and lesbians reading this, stupid hot girls are good too. If you are a fugly loser man who can't even pick up the town slut, find a stupid hot girl to hook up with. You have to convince her that you are coming into a big inheritance from your uncle in Scotland and explain that you are living in a crap house for the moment because you are "playing the stock market". She will be so intimidated by your mere mention of the stock market that she won't question you. Where do stupid hot girls work?

The lesson is - if you are stupid and ugly, get plastic surgery.

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