Saturday, January 20, 2007

The boring couple

She wasn't very pretty but had a nice body. Her partner was a gorgeous Eurasian boy with shaggy brown hair. They both spoke in accents that were a combination of Malaysian and Australian, with a tinge of American. It was the confused accent that people develop when they have grown up in different parts of the world - "I need to speak more American when I'm in the States, more Australian when I'm Down Under, and like a Malaysian when I'm back home so people won't think I'm a wanker."

The boy was nervously chatty and inquisitive. The girl couldn't have been less interested in what he had to say. They must have hooked up very recently, because he was telling her about all the different places he's lived in around the world. She had nothing to say, nothing to ask. He told her about a cool statue he saw in Europe and the meaning of it. She bluntly said that she didn't know what the hell he was talking about. I found him interesting. I would have asked questions. All she was in the mood for was leaning her tired head against his shoulder and holding his arm like her life depended on it. She would lift her head off his shoulder when she wanted to say something, then readily nuzzle her head back onto his shoulder after talking. As soon as she'd do that, he'd find something random to talk about - probably spurred out of nervousness.

He asked if she was worried. She said she was a bit worried. She said that she was in fact jealous. She said she didn't like that his gal pal was at his house last night. She whined that she didn't like his gal pal. Oh no, she's not one of those insanely insecure girls who doesn't allow her guy to have any gal pals. Well of course she's insecure, her body language tells it all with the way she was gripping his arm tightly. She's a self centered, insecure, uninteresting, dumb bitch. Great! How did she manage to hook up with this cutie? She must have given him an extrodinary blow job an hour after they met at a party. I give their relationship one month.

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