Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Housewives and househusbands

Stay at home parents are great - as long as they are nurturing their kids to become PRODUCTIVE, CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS OF SOCIETY. If you aren't bothered to teach your kids how to read and add and subtract, then don't have kids. You had the kid, you have a responsibility to make sure they have a better chance in life than you did. If you aren't literate, then sit them in front of Sesame Street and Play School! Teach your kids how to set goals and achieve them so they know what drive is. Otherwise, congratulations on adding more lazy fuckwits to society.

(P.S) Teach them manners too. There is nothing worse than being a rude, lazy fuckwit. Imagine all the pushing and shoving that'll go on at KFC.

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AKA said...

Agreed. Parents these days don't seem to spend much time with kids. How else can you explain the messed up teenagers these days who actually look up to sluts like Paris Hilton as role models? Sesame Street is much better than the other drivel kids are watching now.

How'd we turn out so great? :p