Thursday, December 21, 2006


December sucks for several reasons:

- The weather is the most moody out of any other month in the year. It can be 37 degrees one day and 16 the next. It can't decide if it's winter or summer. I leave the house in the t-shirt but need a winter coat at the end of the night. This erratic behaviour is not good for my health! I have a cold now.

- People always give away chocolates as gifts. I'm not a big chocolate fan, I don't know what to do with all the chocolate I've received from various people. Why can't people give away nice tea instead?

- Gluttony. In addition to all the chocolate, there are lots of breakfasts, lunches and dinners to attend. I love food but I have a problem with self-control. My OCD makes me want to sample everything at a buffett. I haven't been able to get this sickly feeling out of my body since the first week of December.

- Because certain people in the office give cards to EVERYONE, I feel obliged to return the favour. Buying Christmas cards in December is the biggest hassle in the world. I don't want to give out generic cards either. I try to personalize every gift and card I give away. I've even resorted to designing my own cards on Photoshop and printing them on cardboard at work. I run around the city like a mad woman looking for the perfect gift to give each person. I know that most people won't even put as much thought into what they give me and won't go through the same hassle. I'd rather not give someone a gift if I can't find the right one that lets them know that I've been thoughtful of them.

- Money drains away with all the presents I have to buy and functions I have to attend.

- My birthday. I've never had a memorable birthday. The birthday drinks I had this year was nice, but I've had much more fun with the same people on other nights of the year. It was the first time I brought together my friends from different areas of my life. It's taken me so long to do that because I hate doing it! It's not a way I like to socialize. I spent the whole night worrying that I was neglecting certain people at the drinks. I'd rather spend quality time with a few individuals than have a big group of people together. There is so much pressure to have fun on my birthday!

- New Years Eve. Another day when people are pressured into having fun. I've never had a memorable New Years Eve either. This is in fact the loneliest day of the year for me. I've never been invited to a NYE celebration (except for this year, because I've finally made friends in Melbourne). The past five NYEs were spent at home watching TV! Although last year I was out until 6am on the 30th, and neither of us could be fucked doing anything on NYE.

- The 24th-26th can also be the loneliest days of the year for people who aren't close to anyone. This will probably be me in the future.

Although December is good when:

- I receive great presents, such as a Tiffany's silver necklace from my mum and a $250 Myer gift voucher from work. I can replace my broken MP3 player now!

- My mum cooks a nice Christmas lunch. If she does one this year, I hope the pudding is glistening and chewy and the pork crackling is crisp.

- I get a few official time out days from the world.

- I receive thoughtful birthday cards from friends and random "Happy Birthday" text messages from people who actually remembered.

- The TV shows cheesy 80s Christmas movies (especially made for TV ones) and cartoons.

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