Monday, June 25, 2007

Junk mail 25/6/07

So, he turns out to be a bargain basement bionic man.
It turns out that this vagrant is from a long lost line of samurais. My Samurai wont go before the cameras until next year.
The film revolves around a German general's plan to snuff out Adolph Hitler at the height of World War II. "The latest INDIANA JONES production news? Along with the Batmobile we are introducing a new vehicle, the Batpod, a new Batsuit and some classic characters in The Joker and Harvey Dent.
EXCLUSIVE: Gianni Nunnari on Ronin and Scorsese's Silence!
"The Wachowski brothers said to me one day that they were always disturbed that their nieces and nephews could never see their movies.
CONTEST: Win Huge Prizes from License to Wed! They will be appearing alongside Tom Cruise in the project.
An entire line of action play items will allow boys to role-play being The Dark Knight. There is no word on when the film will start shooting.
" Jaylath maintains that Standard DVD still has a bright future and that "digital delivery" is "set for large gains in the coming years.

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