Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Dan Count rises

I came across another two Dan's in the past two weeks. Let's see how many I know now.

Dan 1 - My mum's best friend's son. Known him since we were 1 or 2 but we aren't friends.
Dan 2 - Friend who used to work with me. Works in TV.
Dan 3 - Friend's ex-housemate and also used to work with me. Graphic designer.
Dan 4 - I work with him now. Sound engineer.
Dan 5 - Trivia host at Comfy Chair.
Dan 6 - Cute guy at local bottle shop.
Dan 7 - Sings in my friend's boyfriend's band.
Dan 8 - Housemate to Dan 7. Arts student.
Dan 9 - Tanya's best friend. Muso and graphic designer.
Dan 10 - Another muso, rapper to be precise. Organized to interview his band once.
Dan 11 - A drunk guy at a bar.
Dan 12 - I sent an e-mail to a general company e-mail address and a Dan replied. This counts.

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