Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rivers Cuomo and Asian fetishes

Last night I dreamt that I met Rivers Cuomo backstage after a Weezer gig (yes, this dream was last night, not in 1996). Two mean blonde girls were making me nervous by telling me that I had no chance with Rivers. I told them that they were being stupid for assuming that I would make a move on a celebrity. After the dream I thought, of course I would have a chance, I'm Asian. Rivers loves Asians. The only thing that would turn him off me would be my boyish Westernness and ability to speak fluent English. My Asian fetish friend says he's attracted to Asians because he thinks they're more feminine and it's cute when they speak in broken English. I have a few Asian fetish friends, but I still think most Asian fetish guys are creepy, especially this one. Is it wrong for me to think they're creepy? How are they different from gentleman who prefer blondes? How are they different from any person who is attracted to a certain type? The Asian fetishes' attraction is not much different to my weakness for dark haired, slightly geeky, creative (especially music) River.

I can't believe River went on Friendster to look for a girlfriend. He even found a profile he liked, sent her several messages that she never replied to, and wrote a few songs for her. Other than to complete the degree he's deferred since 1997, Rivers returned to Harvard to look for his future wife. He eventually married a Japanese friend he made at a Weezer concert in 1997. Can someone send me a list of musicians who date their fans?

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