Saturday, April 21, 2007


It annoys me that so many people are ignorant about Malaysia and choose to go to Thailand or Singapore instead for a South East Asian holiday. Thai food is great, but Malaysian is just as good and has more variety. As for Singaporean food, well, it's an inferior version of Malaysian and they don't have any signature dishes (chilli crab doesn't count as it's Malaysian!). All Singapore has to offer is clean public toilets. Why people should go to Malaysia:

1. The variety of food influenced by Malay, Chinese (especially Hainanese), Indian and Portugese cultures.

2. The Malaysian Chinese food is better than what's found in China, where every dish I tried, from street stall to hotel restaurant, was either too salty, bland, or overpowered with chilli. Mao drove the good cooks away from China!

3. Kelantan (north east) - the best meal of my life so far was ayam percik (barbequed chicken marinated in coconut milk, tamarind and other spices); rice wrapped in banana leaves and shaped cone, with three different curries layered in the rice cake; and blue rice.

4. Malacca - chilli crab with thick, white slices of white bread; Nonya kueh (Malay-Chinese deserts);

5. Penang - asam laksa and kueh

6. KL - Maggi mee goreng (fried noodles), mee rubus (soft egg noodles in a potato based sauce), roti chanai, peanut pancakes with corn and coconut, tofu bakar (barbequed tofu stuffed with cucumber and dipped in satay sauce). Many food stalls are open 24 hours, which is perfect for an after drinks meal at 3am.

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AKA said...

You're making me crave Malay food. It's been so very long since I had the authentic thing! I went to a Malaysian restaurant here and it just wasn't the same...

Maybe if you're still there next year while I am, we could take a trip there? :D