Sunday, March 4, 2007

Nike Fallen Heroes Collection

80s and early 90s pop culture refrences on t-shirts are so 2004. Who was the genius at Nike who came up with the idea to design a sneaker collection based on celebrities who fell from cheesy grace in the early 90s - Pee Wee Herman, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and Milli Vanilli. I love the designer's attention to detail - the Pee Wee Herman at the cinema print on the insole, the shoelace dreadlocks on the Milli Vanilli shoe.

Pee Wee Herman

The colours of this shoe match his grey suit and red tie. Something feels wrong about NOT putting him on my list of the Worst 11 Celebrity Paedophiles.

How would you feel about standing on a picture of Pee Wee Herman jacking off in an adult theatre?

MC Hammer

The broken hammer on the outsole is so mean. Everytime I walk in these shoes I'd feel like I'm breaking a bit of the Hammer's soul. You can't touch that. The snake print on the Nike swoosh will make you feel like the original P-I-M-P that Hammer was. Wear these shoes with parachute pants and suspenders, and a long gold chain. No shirt underneath.

Vanilla Ice

This man was once the object of desire for powerful celebrities. He scored with Madonna and did a duet with Naomi Cambell.

He's a style icon for Vice kids around the world. Every second male scenester I see at gigs has hair and sunnies like him. Sorry, I'm too lazy to cut the text out of this picture I stole.

Milli Vanilli

Note that the shoelaces resemble their dreadlocks. The designer should have drawn a picture of a broken grammy on the shoe, rather than the broken hammer on the MC Hammer model.


Simone said...

Those are amazing. If not for the Nike swoosh, I'd have to get me a pair. I can't decide on which one though. You?

AKA said...

I'm wondering how many people will actually buy this range since most of the people who liked those 'icons' in the 90s are all in their mid 20s to 30s. I still remember an anouncement over the PA system in grade school by a teacher who was reading off a list of lost and found items - "We've found a Vanilla Ice tape. I don't think it's about ice cream, ha ha ha". But I think most kids now would really think it is ice cream unless they know their pop culture.

Text said...

"How would you feel about standing on a picture of Pee Wee Herman jacking off in an adult theatre?"

How will the kids in the sweatshops feel about making shoes that glorify someone who is in to kiddy porn?

twistedbrick said...

Nike - keeping kids in the factory and away from sex work!