Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Dan Count

Thursday 22/2 - spoke to 4 Dans' - Dan K1, Dan K2, Dan M, Dan T
Friday 23/2 - spoke to 1 Dan - Dan M
Saturday 24/2 - spoke to 1 Dan - Dan K
Sunday 25/2 - spoke to 1 Dan - Dan M
Monday 26/2 - spoke to 3 Dans' but nearly 4 - Dan K2, Dan M, Dan T, missed a call from Dan K1

TUESDAY 27/2 - SPOKE TO 5 DANS!!! That's a record. I spoke to Dan K1, Dan K2, Dan M, Dan T, and Dan T's housemate named Dan.

Another interesting Dan connection - my first friend in the world was named Daniel. We were in play group together when we were 1 or 2.

In the past year I've met 7 Dans'. Mind you, I didn't seek them out. I don't have a 'Dan' festish. I just happen to meet a lot of guys coincidentally named Daniel. I should have a party with all the Dans' I know. I only know one Danielle, but people call her Danni. I'm going to call her Dan the next time I see her.

Contact me if your name is Daniel or Danielle and we can be friends. Help to increase my Dan count!

Alan Partridge also has a friend named Dan.

The ultimate Dan - Daniel-son.

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